Kenyans Search for Loved Ones and Answers on Government’s Poor Security After University Attack

Anindo has been looking for Daisy ever since the two tried to flee Garissa University early on Thursday morning. They were jarred awake by the sound of gunshots.

“I still haven’t heard any news,” he said. “I went to the hospital in Garissa. The names of those who were killed were registered in a book, but her name wasn’t there.”

After spending Wednesday evening together, Daisy spent the night in Anindo’s dormroom. They escaped when the attack began. He passed beyond the compound walls, where he then watched on, along with other students and gathering citizens, in the direction of the gunfire. But Daisy had disappeared.

“Even the calls I make to her won’t go through,” he told VICE News.

He is one of the many confused and devastated Kenyans currently searching for names and answers in the wake of East African terrorist group al Shabaab’s attack on Garissa University, which left at least 147 dead. Incoming reports suggest the actual number is expected to be higher.

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